Steep some tea, grab your favorite quilt, and get cozy on your comfiest couch as Margot Hoffman whisks you away to her living room, where - with a little help from the neighborhood kids - she explores the things that make us who we are. This is Grandma's House.


Ch 1: Relationships

Welcome to Grandma’s House! Sitting in good company on the back stoop of my friends’ home one summer night, I was approached by my friend Taylor. “Make a podcast”, she said. “Hell fucking no,” I said. Record myself talking and expect people to listen to it? Busy people with real lives? What would I say? No I’d never make a podcast what a ridiculous idea. Though after letting that marinate in the analytical juices of my cranium it didn’t seem to be such a crazy idea. I’m extremely glad Taylor suggested this because Grandma’s House now serves as an elegiac, expressive outlet for me in myriad ways. I used to go over to my Grandma’s house quite frequently growing up. She’d show me her garden, we’d watch tv, or she’d make me food and we’d just sit and talk. She always had Welch’s grape juice. I loved that she always had Welch’s grape juice. After my Grandma passed I was worried I’d never get that feeling again. You know, that Grandma’s house feeling. And that’s what I hope to cultivate through this podcast for both listeners and guests alike. A comfortable, curious, accepting environment in which I may express myself allowing others to feel comfortable doing the same in return. Sit back, relax, and call your grandma! - M


Margot and friends explore ideas surrounding "relationships": the ups and downs, the many forms they can take, and what it all amounts to.



Call your grandma!